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Village Builders Assembly

Celebrating the Sacred Earth

Village Builders

The two days prior to Rites of Spring are structured as a preparatory and community-building time for experienced participants who want to help ritually and physically create the beautiful, connected and attuned environment that holds us all for a week. This means those who participate can count on some hard physical labor and some meaningful ritual.

Each person attending must commit to both being part of a Village Builder Team that will work with body and spirit to create the space, and to participating in discussions and rituals to deepen our connections with one another, with the land we're on and with the realm of spirits.

Village Builders Assembly attendance is limited to 100 applicants who have attended Rites of Spring in past years and are committed to participating fully (We will count on you!)

Arrival and registration for the Village Builders' Assembly is from 11 am to 2 pm, Monday, May 22nd. Please plan to arrive during that time.

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