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Celebrating the Sacred Earth

Rites of Spring is an attempt to create a spiritual community that can work and live together. Over the years we have established certain guidelines that we must ask all participants to agree to before registering. If you do not feel that you can agree to abide by these policies, please do not submit an application form.

  1. Rules established by the camp management must be respected.
  2. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.
  3. Do not bring illegal substances to Rites of Spring, do not use alcohol in excess, do not give alcohol to minors.
  4. No smoking is permitted inside any buildings; butts must be disposed of properly.
  5. No nudity is permitted in public areas.
  6. No pets are allowed. We can refer you to a kennel nearby if you need one.
  7. Rites of Spring is not a public event. Media coverage of Rites of Spring is prohibited without written consent of the organizers.
  8. Photography is not allowed in ritual space and is permitted at other times only with the permission of all included in the photograph. Please be certain that you have consent - especially from the parents of minors - before publishing anything electronically or in print.
  9. We reserve the right to deny or revoke admission to Rites of Spring without refund for dangerous or disruptive behavior or for non-compliance with gathering policies.

Selected official event photographers and a videographer will work during the event. When they are active in this capacity they will be identifiable and will shoot only from one side of the circle. If you do not want to be photographed, please either make yourself known to them or simply stand on the same side as they are on. We are always glad to receive copies of photographs that you have taken at Rites of Spring for the same purpose if you are willing to share them with us.


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