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Celebrating the Sacred Earth

Bring your banner!

Everyone is woven into the web at Rites of Spring. This year we plan a procession that will include banners from any and all groups or traditions attending. We hope that you will bring one if you have one or that you will consider creating something to add to the festivities and show how you weave yourself into the community.

Offer a presentation!

Most of our workshops, performances and rituals - whether for adults, families or children - are offered by the outstanding members of our community rather than by “special guests” If you have something you would like to offer, please fill out the Online Program Proposal form. Deadline March 20th.

The involvement of everyone in the daily responsibilities of the community is one of the reasons Rites of Spring has been so successful over the years. Each person attending volunteers for at least one work assignment during the festival.

Volunteering is not only a means of contributing energy to the community, it is a great way to meet new people, can be lots of fun, and keeps the cost of Rites as low as possible.

If you are interested in offering extra help, being a member of the "core volunteer" team, or if you have medical training that you would be willing to use as needed on site, please call the office at (413) 238-4240 or send an e-mail with "ROS 39 Volunteer" in the subject and also indicate this on your application form.

(Just FYI - we always need help packing up on the last day!)

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Deordre dancing the Maypole