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Celebrating the Sacred Earth

We return to our familiar mountain-top home-away-from-home for Rites of Spring, a summer camp in the far southwestern corner of Massachusetts, near the Connecticut and New York borders. It is situated on hundreds of acres of woods, surrounding a huge private lake and abutting the Appalachian Trail. There are no nearby neighbors, so we can enjoy drumming all night at the fire, the freedom to be who we truly are and the peace of mind that privacy brings.

At our site there are many camp cabins with bunk beds as well as a lodge, a big, rustic dining hall and kitchen, areas for camping, fields for rituals and fire circles, and a waterfront area which includes canoes and sailboats.

Our friends on the camp staff provide lifeguards and boat supervision for us each day, as well as leading groups through the challenging high ropes course and climbing tower.

Because the camp has a limited capacity to recycle, we ask that participants plan in advance to carry out all recyclable materials that they bring in and not deposit them in the trash.

The Lake