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Newcomers to the Gathering

Celebrating the Sacred Earth

We want to help people who are at Rites of Spring for the first time make connections and feel at home. We strongly encourage newcomers to come for the full 6 days rather than just for the weekend, so that you have time to truly experience being part of the community.

We also ask that you attend at least one specially designed newcomer session ideally as soon after your arrival as possible - even if you have attended other pagan gatherings in the past. These are led by long-standing community members who will introduce you to the history, community and culture of Rites of Spring.

Please be sure to mark the newcomers check box on the application form, so that we can welcome you warmly to our community when you get there and also send you some additional information in advance.

Thank you for giving us a chance to help make your first Rites of Spring more enjoyable.

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