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Craftspeople and artists have always been a big part of Rites of Spring. They add a lot to the festive atmosphere and we hope that everyone coming to the gathering will support them. This year, in special appreciation, we are offering all merchants a $100 discount on your full-week registration fee which will be automatically calculated when you register.

If you wish to be a merchant at Rites of Spring, please complete all appropriate parts of the PDF application or online registration form and return it to us by April 8th to guarantee a space. After that date, space will be assigned on an as-available basis.

We encourage you to register for the whole week, and hope that you will take some time away from your wares to relax and to participate in other aspects of the gathering, especially the large whole-community events, like the Web and Maypole Rituals. This year we are planning another evening carnival in the Merchant Area, so please bring some fun extra lighting and extension cords if you want to be open that night. More details will be sent regarding this once you have registered.

Instead of a vending fee, we collect a 10% commission on gross sales at the end of the gathering to benefit our scholarship fund. All merchants must collect and pay Massachusetts state sales tax on items other than groceries or clothing. If you do not yet have a MA Sales Tax Certificate, you may apply for one at: website.

The merchant area is outdoors, so you need to bring your own table, decorative display setup, weather protection, and safe storage facilities. Nothing larger than a 10x20 tent is legally allowed without a special permit, so please limit your contiguous set-up to that sized space.

Do not count on camping next to your display; space is extremely limited and available only by special arrangement in advance. Merchants may request this on the application form but please also indicate your second housing choice in the “housing” section. A Merchant Coordinator will contact all merchants before the event to make arrangements.

There will be space for display ads in our program book, please contact us at if you are interested.

Many merchants like to donate an item to the Sunday auction as a way of further supporting EarthSpirit's ongoing mission. If you are so inclined, we are most grateful and we do ask that you plan ahead.  It is very helpful to know about donations in advance, so we ask that you please send information about the item you wish to contribute to with the subject line: Rites of Spring 37 Auction.  Our auction coordinator will contact you soon after you arrive to collect the piece. (Smaller items are often combined into groups for the bidding.)  

Please note: we cannot accept any additional donations on site after Friday.

Merchanting parents should remember that they remain responsible for their children at all times.

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