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Meal Plans

Celebrating the Sacred Earth

Participants attending Rites of Spring from Wednesday to Monday may purchase a full meal plan (3 meals a day) with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, or a “Dinners Only” plan.

Weekend registrants may purchase a full weekend meal plan. No weekend dinner plan is available.

All Rites of Spring participants are invited to the Feast on Sunday night.

  • Meal plan purchases must accompany your application and will not be available on-site.
  • Children on a meal plan must have a parent on the same type of meal plan.

You will find meal plan prices on the Rates and Application Forms page.

All meals are included in the registration cost for the 2 Village Builders' Assembly days of Monday and Tuesday. If you want to continue meals, you must purchase a meal plan for the rest of the event (Wed. thru Mon)

Everyone age 15 or over who is on any meal plan assists in the kitchen with one of the meals on your plan in addition to your other volunteer shift. We are sure that the food, and the atmosphere in the kitchen, will be as wonderful as ever.

Some adjustments in the menu may be made for specific dietary needs if we are notified early, but cooking for a group this size gives us limited flexibility, so plan on cooking for yourself, or bringing supplementary foods (like non-wheat products or dairy-free cheese) if you have requirements that we may not be able to meet. We suggest that everyone bring some items for snacking, especially for your children.


Not on the Meal Plan?

If you choose to cook your own meals, please bring enough food with you to last the entire gathering. Cars may not be driven in and out of camp during the festival. We do arrange daily runs for ice and emergency supplies, but we cannot do grocery shopping for you. You must bring a camp stove or a charcoal grill, and store your food in a portable cooler. Kitchen facilities are not available for general use.

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