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Celebrating the Sacred Earth

Opening Fire Lighting

On Wednesday night we come together from many directions to light the community fires of Rites of Spring. The opening ritual begins at 9:30 PM, with fire spinning, chanting, drumming, and dance, and concludes with a procession through the camp to light the central Community fire and the Ritual fire at Bear Rock.

Fire lighting

The Ritual Fire Circle

The ritual fire circle has been an ongoing and evolving tradition since the very first Rites of Spring. It is a sacred space for deep community connection and personal transformation. We hold the space for each other with rhythm and song and silence so that those who choose to can open up to the Sacred around and within each of us. We enter the circle consciously, through a gateway, leaving outside all the distractions of casual conversation and everyday life.

Everyone is welcome at the Ritual Fire Circle, to drum, to dance, to offer food and water to others, to tend the fire, to share a poem or a song....  If you are new and want to participate, listen and watch what is happening - open up to the energy and feel of the circle. Then if you need to, just ask those around you about what you can contribute. You are welcome in this community reaching toward the sacred together around the fire.

Speed Bump


Maypole Ritual

Thursday is a day of celebration. We dance the Maypole, binding ourselves to Earth and Sky and fueling our path for the bright season ahead. We then gather ‘round the pole and share with each other the momentous events of the past year.


Pole carriers

Weaving the Web of Community

On Saturday afternoon we weave the web of community together. This is a strong Rites of Spring tradition, where together we create in visual form the connections we have been making this week and through the years of Rites of Spring. With joy in our hearts, we take responsibility for maintaining our part of the web connections among all beings of the earth and we send out our visions for healing and growth into the world.

Bring your Banner!

We have a procession leading to the Web Weaving that will include banners from any and all groups or traditions attending. We hope that you will bring one if you have one or that you will consider creating something to add to the festivities.

The Web 2004

Art Salon

The Art Salon

Our community celebrates the creativity and talents of the remarkable visual artists in our community. We invite you to join us as some of our artists share and talk about their work and how it connects to their spiritual practice. Artists, please contact us by May 9th if you plan to bring art to show at the salon. The show is very popular and space fills up fast. There is a firm limit of 4 smaller works or 2 large ones.


rites 15

The Poetry Jam

We celebrate our written word artists as well. Each year we bring together our very gifted poets and writers to share their work. Whether you are an old hand or brand new, this is a great place to try out your new material. You are not required to tell us in advance if you want to present your writing but we appreciate a heads up, and if you are interested in performing multiple works or a larger scale piece, please do contact us by May 9 to let us know.

Lake shrine


This year we are excited to have many wonderful musicians at Rites of Spring: Featured performers will include Sharon Knight, Will and Lynn Rowan, Sarah Stockwell Arthen and Sam Long as well as a number of other artists and some great surprises. We plan a concert of some kind every night. More information to come!


The Feast

On Sunday night everyone at Rites of Spring is invited to participate in a community meal and celebration. Our kitchen crew goes overboard to provide a beautiful meal for us. Spontaneous entertainment arises at tables dispersed under the tents around the Dining Hall. The meal is followed by a fire-spinning performance with drumming and then a dance party.


Late Nites at Rites

Every night from 10pm on, Wednesday through Saturday, we open up our coffeehouse, Late Nites at Rites.

Here you will find excellent coffee, chocolate and company. In the first part of the evening, Late Nites features musical performances, readings, storytelling and the occasional impromptu jam session. As the evening wears on either conversation and games take over as the primary form of entertainment and last well into the wee hours or we create “Club Rites” with DJs and dancing. Check your program book.

Late Nights Sign

EarthSpirit Auction of Goods and Services

The Sunday afternoon auction is a lighthearted and entertaining event and over the years the community's generous contributions have enabled EarthSpirit to accomplish otherwise impossible goals.

Community members donate an item to the Sunday auction as a way of supporting EarthSpirit's ongoing mission and work throughout the year. We have auctioned bodywork, carpentry, fine art, professional services, hand-made clothing, jewelry, gift certificates and more. If would like to make a donation for the auction, it is very helpful to us to know that in advance, so we ask that you please send information about the item you wish to contribute to, with the subject "Rites of Spring Auction". We will be most grateful and our auction coordinator will contact you after you arrive to collect your donation.

(Smaller items are often combined into groups for the bidding) Please note we cannot accept any additional donations on site after Friday.

Carnival and Psychic Fair

A celebratory, family-oriented evening at the merchant circle - with games, merchants, readers of all sorts and the occasional guest faerie!
To participate please contact Ali Bourgault by May 10. Email: ahealingvibration (at) gmail (dot) com. (please check your spam folder if you do not receive a prompt response)

The auction 2004