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Celebrating the Sacred Earth

If money is the only thing preventing you from attending, please apply for a scholarship or one of the work exchange positions available, which usually involve physical labor - either working in the kitchen or with the children - or sometimes a job prior to the beginning of the event. We offer at least one full scholarship to Rites of Spring each year as well as many work-exchange and partial scholarship positions.

We include a space on the application form for anyone who would like to contribute toward a fund for further scholarships. We have always received enough money between these donations and the tithes from our Merchants to enable several people to attend who otherwise could not.

If you are registering online, check the financial aid box and you will be sent to a Financial Aid Form as part of your registration process. We much prefer an online application but if you need a financial aid form on paper, we can send you one by email. Write to us at subject: Rites of Spring

The more information you give us, including any special skills or abilities that could be contributed on a work exchange basis, the easier it will be for us to find the best way to help you come to Rites of Spring.

Applications for Financial Assistance must be received before April 8th.