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Celebrating the Sacred Earth

For registration-related questions, e-mail us at:

Program-related questions go to:

Please write "Rites of Spring" in the subject line.

You may also call us at 413-238-4240.
If you do not reach someone directly, please leave a detailed message. Let us know when and where to call you back. Our office is staffed by volunteers and replies may take up to a week, especially in the early registration period. Thank you for being patient.
Our fax number is (413) 238-7785.

Once you are registered or if you have attended before, you may request to join the Facebook group called "EarthSpirit's Rites of Spring", which is specifically for people who attend this event.

All registered participants will also be invited to join a moderated 2016 Rites of Spring online discussion group where we will post updates about this year's program and answer questions. If your question is something that you think would be helpful to others as well, please post it on that list and the appropriate EarthSpirit volunteer will do their best to answer you.

This is also a great place to find out about special plans for this year as they are made, or for community members to connect with others who are attending to share ideas, hopes and past experiences, or to work out carpools. Participation in the list has increased over time and we hope that most of you will decide to make use of it to stay on top of the plans for this year.

Confirmation Information:

In early May registered participants will be sent a link to a private confirmation web page which will include directions, what to bring and all of the information you should need in advance.

Directions will be sent out after May 13, the final registration date.

If your address changes between the time you apply to register and the event itself you must let us know. We cannot be responsible for directions which are not received in time because of an address change.

We leave for the site several days before Rites of Spring begins and become much more difficult to reach.

If you have not received your directions by May 14, please call us or email; before then, please be patient.

We are excited about Rites of Spring and hope that you will join us to make this the best year ever!

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