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Children and Teens and Young Adults

Celebrating the Sacred Earth

Children have a wonderful time at Rites of Spring and we try to keep it affordable by only charging for the two oldest children in each family and not at all for those under 5.

Please consider, especially if you are not a parent, what you might add to enrich the experience of our young people at Rites of Spring and send in a program proposal.


We are designing a wonderful new nature-oriented children’s program this year within a structure that will be familiar to families who have attended before. Infants and young children ages 0-4 are provided with a guided play space supervised by staff and volunteers. Children ages 4-10 are offered workshops, activities and crafts each day designed to keep them connected to the spiritual purpose and natural flow of the gathering. More information will come to parents in early May.

Youth Program Staff for 2017

Brandy Golembeski Brandy Golembeski
Deborah Banks Deborah Banks

Teens and pre-teens have workshops scheduled just for them and are welcome at most of the adult workshops as well. Parent engagement is expected with this age group in order to help keep it focused, safe and connected. A mentor program pairs up young people between the ages of 11-18 with long-time members of the community who are willing to share their expertise. If you want to participate in this program, please contact the office at ( with the age, gender and interests of the young person involved.

People in their teens who have attended Rites of Spring for two or more years may participate in a Rite of Passage at the the gathering if they apply in writing by Samhain (October 31) of the previous year. This gives them six months to work with their adult sponsor and prepare. Most years we do have some young people taking this important step. Write to Deirdre (at) for more information.

Young adults between the ages of 15-25 may participate in our Next Generation program with workshops and other events scheduled especially to deepen spirituality and build community within this important age group.

Parents are responsible for their children at all times at Rites of Spring. This means that parents and children must always know where each other can be found at any given time, just in case.  Any child under 8 years old who is not attending the children's program must be accompanied by a specified responsible adult.  Walkie-talkies are not an adequate means of supervising children and can be disruptive to the other participants at the gathering so should be used with courtesy.

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