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Celebrating the Sacred Earth

On the site there are several styles of camp cabins with bunk beds as well as a big dining hall, limited areas for camping, fire circles and a beautiful lake.

You may indicate your preference for sleeping accommodations on your application form.  Most cabins sleep between 10 and 14 people in bunk beds with shared bathroom facilities and hot showers in each cabin area. Several Adirondack-style "rustic" cabins are also available which sleep 4-5 people in bunks. There is electricity in all of the cabins.

A limited number of beds are available in two heated lodges. There is an additional fee for heated sleeping space and there are no small cabins or private rooms available. If you choose a heated lodge, there is an additional charge of $60 per person, including children who are not co-sleeping with a parent.

Housing or a tent camping space is included in your registration fee. Environmental regulations specify that no RVs or pop-ups are permitted at the camp. Sleeping in your standard sized van is allowed, but only with prior permission.

We have tenting areas and three types of cabin areas: Family, Quiet and Late Night. Please be sure to mark your preference clearly on your registration form. We will also try (but cannot guarantee) to arrange cabins that are All Female, All Male, or 12 Step (substance-free).  If you have a preference, please enter it in the special housing requests space on the application form.

Choosing Cabin Mates

Families and anyone wishing to stay with someone specific in a cabin must complete the housing group section of the form. Choose a name for your group (one word, up to 10 letters), even if there are just two of you.  Register as early as you can and send all registration forms and fees for all people together in one envelope if possible. Make sure this section is filled out the same way on all forms.

Space for tents in the Merchant area is extremely limited and available for merchants only by special arrangement. Merchants, please be sure to indicate a second housing choice on your application form.

All beds in each cabin will be assigned, so plan ahead. If you will be bringing a tent, please do not also sign up for a cabin space "just in case". We will have some empty beds available in reserve in case of washed out tents.

Bear Rock Enntry

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Housing Options

Heated Lodge +$60

Special Preferences

Family area
Quiet area
Late night area
All Female
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