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Celebrating the Sacred Earth

Rites of Spring begins Wed,, May 24th, and ends on Memorial Day - Mon. May 29th, 2017.

The Village Builders Assembly begins on Monday, May 22

We accept a limited number of weekend-only registrations.

Arrival times are:
Monday: 11am - 2pm
Wednesday:1pm - 10pm
Friday: 6pm-9pm

Advance registration is required for the gathering. No one who has not pre-registered will be admitted at the gate

The Registration rates and deadlines for application may be found on the Rates and Application Forms page.

Separate forms are required for each adult (age 18 or over) and each adult must read and agree to all gathering policies.

Please register online if at all possible. With this method, you can pay with a credit card or check.

If necessary, you can download the application form below and mail it in with a check or money-order.

We use PayPal to accept credit cards and you do not need an account to use one on the site. We cannot accept credit cards in other ways. Payment must be received by the deadline stated, or you will be charged the rate for the later deadline.

Unaccompanied minors (under age 18) may be permitted under certain conditions. Please speak with someone in the office before applying.

Please direct any questions about your application to or telephone us at 413-238-4240.
Our office is staffed by volunteers so replies may take up to a week, especially in the early registration period.
Thank you for being patient.

Confirmation and Directions will be sent out in early May.

Note: If your address changes between the time you register and the event itself, you must let us know. We cannot be responsible for directions that are not received in time because of an address change. We leave for the site several days before Rites begins and become much more difficult to reach. If you have not received your directions by May 14, please call the office or email Before then, please be patient.

We are excited about Rites of Spring and hope that you will join us to make this the best year ever!

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