A Feast of Lights

Come join in this community celebration at the time of the ancient Celtic midwinter feast of Imbolg.

Both adults and children find a great variety of exciting programs at A Feast of Lights.


Workshops: Handcrafts, Pagan traditions: Strega, Greek, Heathen, Scottish, Norse and more, Activism from a spiritual base, Healing techniques, Astrology, Tarot, Faery Seership, Family programs and more!


Art Exhibit and Salon, Sacred Dance, Concerts, Drumming, Community singing and dance, Ritual Theater, Storytelling


Healing, Seasonal


Jewelry, clothing, massage, natural remedies, drums, books, music, ornaments and crafts

Confirmed Presenters 2016

Orion Foxwood, author, teacher of Faery Seership and Southern folk magic
Andras Corban Arthen, founder of The EarthSpirit Community, teacher, bard
Vinny Russo, Mago and teacher of Sicilian Witchcraft
Gwendolyn Reece Ph.D., Pagan scholar, librarian and researcher; political activist
Martin Bridge, artist and teacher
Joss Price, drummer, teacher, musician
Will and Lynn Rowan, musicians and song leaders
Sarah Rosehill, ritualist, writer, witch
Steve Trombulak, Ph.D., Conservation biologist and environmental educator
DJ ALkemi
Juniper Talbot, dancer, teacher, author and witch
Chris LaFond, Celtic harper, astrologer, and teacher
Miriam Klamkin, astrologer and coach
Sarah Stockwell Arthen, witch, musician, activist
Moira Ashleigh, witch, shapeshifter, activist, artist and poet
Duncan Eagleson, artist and author

and other exceptional teachers and performers

We want to include you!

If you are interested in sharing your work at the Art Exhibit and Salon, please contact Martin Bridge in advance for more information about what to bring: martinclarkbridge@gmail.com

If you are interested in participating in the Stag King's Masque ritual, we would love to include you! Please to let us know by email.

We are still accepting workshop proposals until December 21. Even after that, there may still be room, so if you have something you would like to offer - either for families or adults - please complete the form here: Proposal

Special Guests 2013